Stumbling Steps

hannah 041

So- I can insert a picture. Cute kid, or what?



  1. Janet said

    Agreed, a darling child. Good insertion skills too.

  2. Jean Strandberg said

    How’s she doing on the stacking cups? Especially since she’s still missing one. I have it safely in my cupboard. She’ll have outgrown the toy by the time I get it to you. You’re sure up early.

    • adisasullivan said

      She still has the stacking cups in use and I predict that she will probably not go without siblings. Janet frequents my blog so she’ll probably be interested in the fact that the lost cup is still around. I was up early ’cause I’d planned to do early aquasize at the pool and didn’t remember until I was trying the door at 5:30 a.m. that it was closed for the holiday.

  3. Janet said

    I AM interested in the stacking cup! We got a message when we were away, and when I got around to answering it, you were already off to Britain! Now I need to call again I see.

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