Free Lunch

Being tired at the end of the day, sitting in the rocking chair, waiting for a last load out of the dryer, I decided to give a telemarketer my time.
He was calling for an agency that promotes child safety, and he wanted me to support this worthy cause by buying a book of coupons generously subscribed to by local Red Deer merchants.
The coupons would entitle me to free oil changes, tanning sessions, specialty coffees, and much much more.
Be generous and socially concerned and save myself tons of money at the same time.
Huum. ” Not only “Give to God what costs me nothing”, but in fact be significantly money ahead.
The marketer’s passion and knowledge of said charity was far less impressive than his conviction that I would get many valuable things “free.”
No coupons for Timmy’s. He didn’t know the chain.
Turns out his Vancouver base was Vancouver, Washington.
The bottom line was that coupon books cost $55.95.
After he hung up (they will eventually) a little internet surfing revealed that only 50 cents from each booklet would be funneled back to the in-house charity of these enterprising marketers.
It might be old-fashioned, but a something-for-nothing line should still raise red flags.


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