Tenants move in

So the new renters move in on our left. We do the walk through, count the nail holes, sign the lease agreement.

We find out that we know his cousin, and have worked with a close friend. Our neighbour to the right notices the move and  comes over to offer his dolly and his muscle power. My husband also pitches in. Their friends arrive with  young people to help. Turns out that their friends’ parents and my husbands’ parents were good friends. The day ends with the move-in pizza party being held at our place. I consult with my sheet of 17 Most Common Mistakes of Landlords.

1. “Not doing a thorough check on a tenant’s background and history.”  Huum- does consulting my mother-in-law and  Googling their internet footprint count?

2. “Renting to a relative, friend, or relative of a friend.”  Honestly, we didn’t know we had connections.

3. “Not getting everything in writing and signed by the tenant.”  Finally, a pass.

17. “Getting too friendly with residents. This is your business. Treat it that way.”  Humm again, we do seem to be heading in the wrong direction. But it was good fun and fellowship.



  1. thehappymoron said

    You’re absolved on #2 – it stems from the root of #17, which is that terrible awkwardness that can destroy relationships.

    Never put yourself in a position where you must evict friend or family.

    So if you didn’t know of the connection, it can’t be that close.

  2. Jean Strandberg said

    We rent the house next to us, as well. I’ve always thought it was a shame that you don’t want to get too friendly with your neighbour, in case you have to evict them. Or when they don’t pay on time or at all, they avoid even greeting you when you pass in the street. One of the three young men living there, is teaching my daughter piano, and his practicing fills the neighbourhood with beautiful music. These young adults actually strike up a conversation with me, which is rather different than the 11 and 13 year old friends that my kids bring home. Congrats on your purchase! Real estate is always a wise investment in my opinion.


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