Adrenaline Rush

Okay, I admit it. I don’t ski, or snowboard, or hang-glide, or bungee jump, and this was most eminently true before I could hide behind the plus fifty persona.  I will not be jumping with a parachute on my 80th birthday to fulfill a long-cherished bucket list.  But I have soared over the landscape in flying dreams. And someday when I leave this world’s fears and restrictions behind the sky will not be the limit.

My brother is currently sporting a vivid blue cast, and berating himself for a few moments of reaching back to youth and riding his bike “sans hands”.  The Magpie sent me this shiny and my first thought was. “Wow, think of the possibilities, with hands.”

Then I opened my news provider site  this morning and found this rather uncharacteristic BBC clip on another form of adrenaline thrill.  Two actually.


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