. . . . I wanna get off, revisited

One of the things living in Africa has taught me is that, ‘ It is always appropriate to be led.’   I remember once that I wanted to go to a funeral in another Nkonya town to pay respects.  A close family member of the deceased had done a  large favour for my husband, who was away at the time, and I knew that it would be appropriate to express condolences.

However I did not know the people, who were not Nkonyas, nor the house.  I recruited a respectable woman friend to go with me, and when we reached the town she recruited an acquaintance, a man, to lead us to the funeral site, and through the protocol of making a formal visit as a stranger and leaving a funeral donation.

“It’s always appropriate to be led.” I’m pretty much a novice in searching through the internet haystack, but I have principled techie friends who have great needle finding skills. They led me to this find.

Thanks to Andy and friends who located the source of the escape key who stopped the world and got off.  They also found the follow-up, though I understand that the case is still open, and the causes are still being researched.  Andy says,

“I understand that as a result, Ctrl lost it and is now getting soused at the Space Bar.”


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