Saskatoon Alert

If you are in Central Alberta pick now.  This is the  week and this is the year.  The last two years were dismal berry years, in our vicinity.

Last year we had a late snow storm just as the bushes were in full bloom and that more or less nixed it.  This year the berries are a trifle late due to the cold spring.  However they are definitely worth the effort.

The last berry abundant summer was three years ago, my father’s last, and he and I made the most of it. This morning, wading through dew-drenched waist high grass to reach laden bushes, I just wanted to tell him, “Dad, you can strip by the handfuls here.”



  1. Nancy Peacock said

    Hey Kate,
    We just picked an ice cream tub (quart size) full about 10 days ago. They grow in our subdivision along the pathways to the ravine. Nobody picks them but us. We don’t have to wade through waist high grass either! I’ve made about 5 batches of Saskatoon muffins, saskatoon smoothies and topped our waffles with them too. Harold loves them. They remind him of home.

  2. adisasullivan said

    Umm good. Last year I was told that Saskatoons were not much regarded in B.C.
    This year I think I found out why. We had to wait to get the ferry on our way to Gabriola Island, so we picnicked at a nearby park. It was the end of June but I noticed Saskatoon bushes fully laden with ripe berries. I picked a few. They tasted like cardboard.
    Perhaps there isn’t enough cold, or different soil, or too much salt air but they’re not like the ones here. On the other hand, the early bramble berries there were delicious.

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