Great-great Grandfather and the Rabbit

My father’s oldest sister, Evelyn,  told this story to him, and he told it to me, and now that he  and five of his seven siblings have moved on to better things, I tell it to you, because such heritages of God’s provision should not be lost.

Many years ago my great-great grandfather, homesteaded in a cabin in the woods of southern Ontario.  One time, in the depths of winter the family was getting low on food and he decided that he would have to leave grandmother and the children in the cabin and walk to town to buy supplies and have a sack of flour ground.  They calculated that there was just enough food to last them until he returned.  They had stacked plenty of wood inside along the wall of the cabin so keeping warm was not a worry.

Unfortunately, while he was away in town a blizzard blew in and he was delayed five days.

When he finally made it home he was gratefully welcomed by his young family.   “How did you make do? ” he asked anxiously?”

“Well, “said Grandma, “we were snowed in, and I couldn’t get out of the cabin.  The food  finished, and I was wondering what to feed the children when I heard the cat crying outside.  I managed to force the door open slightly and to my surprise found that Puss had dropped a freshly killed rabbit on the doorstep.”

Every day until my grandfather returned the cat had brought another rabbit, and my grandmother had made rabbit soup.  Great-grandfather was astonished. He had never heard of a cat bringing home rabbits and was anxious to see it for himself.

But the cat never brought home another one.



  1. Florene Nelson said

    Hi Katie:

    This is my first experience at any blog, so I’m not sure what to do. What’s a URI??

    Injoyed your story about the cat and rabbits. God surely has a sense of humor.

    Love ya!

    • adisasullivan said

      A URI is an internet address. It tells where any particular piece of information is stored on the net. When you have anything open on Firefox, for instance, it appears in the top left hand white box. The URI of this comment I am typing is” . . .
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      If you enter a URI, such as the one above into the textbox above and hit “enter” the place you want will show up on your screen. I am not a techie. I often just use Google to find things instead of remembering URI’s. Type “adisasullivan” into Google, for instance, and it will give you links to this site. Hope this helps.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

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