Blow, horns of Elfland

In his book “Orthodoxy” G.K. Chesterton says, “My first and last philosophy, that which I believe in with unbroken certainty, I learnt in the nursery. I generally learnt it from a nurse; that is from the solemn and star-appointed priestess at once of democracy and tradition. The things I believed most then, the things I believe most now, are the things called fairy tales.”

And before you pounce on the words “priestess” and “star-appointed” you should take time to read this excellent defense of Christianity which will turn your thought processes inside out before setting you back on your feet.

And you might consider reading my blog guru’s story of Jack the Giant-killer, which, if it has been a long time since you heard the horns of faith and Elfland blow together, will start you on your journey.


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