He has his head on straight

There are two blogs that I read religiously, the Happy Moron (cause he personally means a lot to me- and has some good things to say) and Seth Godin’s blog because it’s downright insightful and he knows a whole lot about effective communication. Today he crossed even more into my territory of concern.

He said

“Multiply the population of the US by three. That’s how many people around the world live on about a dollar a day.

Do it again and now you have the number closer to $2. About forty percent of the world lives on $2 or less a day.

What’s that like? What happens to you when you have two dollars a day to live on. It’s almost impossible to imagine. I mean, $2 is the rent on your apartment for about 35 seconds. $2 buys you one bite of lunch at a local restaurant…

And yet, two billion people survive on that sort of income.

The key issue is ‘survive’. Subsistence income means that you have the barest possible cushion, that every penny is spent and you are on the edge at all times. It makes life an emergency. . . .”

And for most of the people I know in Nkonya life is indeed that ongoing constant emergency.

You should take time to read Seth’s blog on this issue in it’s completeness. He has it straight when he talks about it.


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