Beauty in Nkonya

Upper town

Life is difficult and the way is often stony, but there is beauty to savour even in the most ordinary of places.

Upper Town 2



  1. Grace said

    Eno Adisasulivan, I must congratulate you on on your blog site. You’ve done well. Veronica drew my attention to it and I’m very grateful for that. I love your stories and your pictures are so real. I looked intently at the rocky paths and recognised that I’ve once or twice walked on them too. They are not sharp stones to avoid, but stones rich with memories – memories of days gone by; memories of friends and families sharing stories and laughing together and memories fo sitting or standing with a friend and weeping together.

    Mama Nkonya, mo, mo, mo. Ayikoo. How you can juggle the exegesis, translating, checking, consulting and typeseting of the translation work with your blog, is beyond me. Keep on the good work.

    • adisasullivan said

      Thank you so much Mama Grace, for your encouragement. I’m glad you like it.

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