Monday I went out to pick raspberries in the garden, garnered only a handful and realized their season was coming to an end.  I phoned a friend in education and she had started back to work.  I went down to Superstore for coffee filters and found myself wandering past a display of ceramic jack-o-lanterns.

That’s when it occurred to me that if we wanted chokecherry syrup for pancakes this year the time was fast passing to pick.  So Tuesday, when my mind started going boing-boing at the computer I went out.  The sun was actually warm on my shoulders. The chokecherries were black and heavy on the bushes. And it was one of those wonderful days in late August when the air is full of richness and harvest with just a hint of fall to come.

Hope you have had a good summer.  All you want to know about chokecherries here


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