And boy, do I have some small fixable problems (small being a relative term)

“Show us too many sick kids, unfair imprisonments or burned bodies and you won’t get a bigger donation, you’ll just get averted eyes.If you’ve got a small, fixable problem, people will rush to help, because people like to be on the winning side, take credit and do something that works. At least that’s what Seth Godin says

Which reminds me, I have a half a dozen young people who need a helping hand with schooling costs.

The way I figure it is:  in our rural area in Ghana 75% of our Junior High School students fail their grade nine exams.  That means that a young person, without a viable father figure helping him or her out, who actually passes the exams must have something between the ears and would be worth sponsoring to high school.  Only 50% of those who attend our rural high schools pass their government set national exams, where they compete against expensive well funded urban schools.  If those that pass represent the top fifteen per or less of their peers surely they too deserve a chance to go further.


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  1. thehappymoron said

    I thought that one might have stuck out to you.

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