Brazen Skies

I’ve been asking God about a specific issue for some time now.  My prayers seemingly  bounce off the brazen skies and tumble back into my lap unanswered.

I checked my computer and it said that it was going to be beautiful, a full 27 degrees, but the forecast for the days ahead went downwards from there.  So I put thirty pages of manuscript on a clipboard (you can go anywhere if you carry a clipboard and look serious) and went out for a working walk.

In between sitting on benches and running an editorial eye over the text, I walked and argued with God about the case I seemed to be getting nowhere on- not the slightest sign of improvement- much less a full blown miracle.

And finally I was left with his advice to Paul- who seemingly learned his lesson after only three stormings of the heavens.  “My grace is sufficient for you, my strength is made perfect in weakness.”

Perhaps tomorrow I will go back to the model of the unjust judge, and the one of the friend who knocks repeatedly at midnight asking for a loaf of bread.

But yesterday, walking home with the late sun shining on trees set against a blue black sky, a beautiful rainbow keeping me company the last few blocks, I felt content to rest on God’s faithfulness.


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