Happy New Year’s Day

I’ve always thought that the true Canadian New Year falls on  the day after the Labour Day weekend.  The Sunday before the bulletin is full of programs cranking up and restarting.  The pool re-opens after being closed for two weeks maintenance.  The cartoon pages are full of back to school jokes.

Not that we do it painlessly.  My blog had four times its regular hits yesterday morning and I suspect people turned on their computers but were reluctant to find themselves back in harness.

My husband established himself at his computer, and then had a sudden urge to go and cut out all the dead branches on the ornamental plum? or is it an ornamental crab? tree on the front lawn.  ( I do know for sure that it is inedible as far as humans are concerned, because my father, who turned everything possible into jams and jellies, always left the fruit on that tree for the waxwings.)

It was one of those jobs that grow.  More and more branches really needed to come out, and then there was a mountain of cut branches on the front lawn to clean up, and then a chainsaw chain to replace, and wood to cut for the fireplace, and wood to stack.  So I too was enticed away from my computer to help, and then I noticed that the black currants really needed picking again, and . . .

All the best as you abandon the joys of summer.  Still- the five day weather forecast here in Red Deer shows sunshine and temperatures hitting 27 degrees by Friday.  Perhaps we get a bit of a reprieve, at least weather-wise.



  1. Lila said

    Just think–Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, is in September.

  2. adisasullivan said

    Must be the Hebrew I’m studying intermittently.

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