Risked, from Ghana

I know a number of Westerners who crossed the Sahara coming south to West Africa- the adventure trip of a lifetime.

I have also often read the stories of young Africans risking their lives to traverse the Sahara and cross the Mediterranean in chancy illegal boats to southern Europe- dreaming of  a promising new start.  Somehow I’ve thought that this involved “other” West African countries, not Ghana, where the government is stable, and things are somehow shinier.

Then I happened on to this BBC Slideshow. It starts out with stunning pictures of Ghana, including the Cape Coast slave castle from which millions were sent to the Americas as slaves.  It took me sixteen years in Ghana before I was brave enough to don funeral garb and visit a castle. They are now white-washed and sterile, like the bleached bones of a  beached whale, but still powerful in evoking past evils.

This slide show follows the steps of a young Ghanaian desperate enough to try it.  For many it is achingly hard to get a start, just a foothold on life.



  1. Lila said

    Don’t we wish that slave-trade was in the past?

    Not too long ago the people behind NotForSale did a story about child trafficking in the Volta Region.


    Did they get their facts wrong?

    • adisasullivan said

      The Nkonyas farm and basically leave the fishing to other groups who have migrated up along the lakeside to fish, but yes, I have heard third hand stories of child labour being used in just such a way.

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