Survivor Stories

Not many patients stand out in my memory from my days as a student nurse.  They gradually teach you to be professionally distanced. There is one though, that I remember beyond all others.  She was in the latter stages of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.  She could only talk and breathe,  but she loved the sensation of movement and of having her arms and legs put through range of motion.  Once I brought in some of the purple cones growing on an evergreen outside our dorm to show her.  We would talk.  On one arm she had blue tattooed numbers- she was a survivor of Auschwitz.  One day another nurse on the floor said to me in exasperation.  “You are spoiling her, now she’ll want that from the rest of us.”  I was speechless. How could you “spoil” someone who had been through that hell.  Didn’t she deserve an extra measure of care and kindness in this new imprisonment?

I was roaming the blogosphere today and came on this video by other Survivors. It is not good to forget these things.


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