Winter will be cold this year


I was at a Cash Shop this morning, accessing Western Union, when a call came in for the manager. I admit, I eavesdropped. It was hard not to. “You say they won’t allow you to reloan again  (reloan. . .reloan. . . reloan it echoed ). . . Let me call you back.”

Finished, I walked next door to the Sally Ann thrift shop.
(They have a bin of 10 cent kids books that can yield real treasures for a Grandmother restocking.)
As the lady was ringing through my finds an elderly gentleman came up with a shopping basket of small china Christmas figurines.
“For some kids,” he explained, “the girls like them.”
Then he added, “After this I have to go to the Cancer clinic.” Fear, or was it hopelessness, showed clearly on his gaunt face.
“One of my feet is twice the size of the other one.” I glanced down- he had left one boot unfastened.

Randy Stonehill’s song “Say a Prayer for the Starlings” started to drift through my mind:

Say a prayer for the starlings

A hot, dry wind beats their ragged wings

Have a thought for the starlings

No one ever listens to the songs they sing

Say a prayer for the starlings

There’s no welcome for them anywhere

Leave some crumbs for the starlings

They say that Winter will be cold this year


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  1. adisasullivan said

    Starling photo source can be found at
    Complete, “Say a prayer for the Starlings” lyrics are at

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