Songs the Magpie sang

Being fairly new to the fine art of net surfing, I only recently discovered that by putting in a tag phrase of that old song that’s been rolling around in your memory you can get Youtube to cough up just about any song you might feel like hearing or singing.

When our daughter was about four we once took a training course, and she attended the Nursery School at the center.  One day it was her choice to pick a song to sing.  They were definitely expecting, “Jesus Loves Me,” “This Little Light of Mine,” or something of like ilk.  But no, our darling daughter requested “What shall we do With the Drunken Sailor?”  I found myself defending the cultural value of a sea chantey (Irish drinking song???) to a concerned teacher.

And thinking of that sort of sent me researching more bedtime favorites.  Mind you, as a mitigating factor, I should also  point out that our Granddaughter is being put to bed with all five verses of “Children of the Heavenly Father” as sung to her Mom by her father.

He also sang these.

And then I found this one.  Sometimes singers do improve with age.  Or perhaps there is less self-focus in this presentation (and of course, more hoop-la).


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  1. Lila said

    What I sang to the Magpie was: “Go Tell Aunt Rhodie”

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