Halloween Night

Well, after writing a series of Halloween/Samhein blogs and exploring the subject I  found myself still ambivalent.  I could make do with Thanksgiving to celebrate Harvest and Good Friday/Easter to celebrate Christ’s victory over death.  I don’t miss Halloween the slightest when we are in Africa, and I look at the macabre aspects with revulsion.

And yet, I used to love handing out Halloween treats as a teenager.  I enjoyed the excuse to costume up, and yes, carving Jack-o-lanterns, when they were nothing more than a fun craft with pumpkin pie to follow.

If I ever get into a real life conversation about Halloween with someone other than another ambivalent Christian, I think I will explore the fear of death and the answer of the resurrection.  I think our culture swings between an unhealthy denial and unhealthy defiant fascination with death.

So what did I do with the day itself?

This year the grocery store I shop at gifted me a free box of Halloween mini bars for buying a generous load of groceries. It was unexpected.  I hadn’t heeded the coupons, or shopped intentionally, but when I finished the clerk looked at my total, pulled a box of candy bars out from under the counter and said, “Do you have a coupon?  I think you qualify, oh wait, I have an extra coupon here for you.”

I looked at the box, did not have the strength of character to turn down her kindness, and came home with the chocolate.  Tonight I left on the kitchen light and the light over the side entry and handed out treats to  exactly three door bell rings- “Two angels with halos, a little boy, sans costume but sucking a lollipop and holding on to his mother’s hand, and later, after it started to rain, three  pretty moist junior teens, friendly and having a good time.

Oh, and I kept the cat in, and parked the car in the garage.

And I prayed for a friend who sent a message this evening that he has been called to his mother’s side. She is doing poorly and the diagnosis is pancreatic cancer.

I know too that she is one who also says,

“And though worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God.”


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