Mysophobia- and where’s that bottle of bleach?

Don’t know if I should cure myself of dipping into the blogs and blog rolls of total strangers or not.

Anyway, I was lurching and lurking and found one that made me want to laugh- and contemplate what sponges I might have!

After all, I was the Mom who believed that you have to eat a peck of dirt in your life to stay healthy, who taught her kids that “ants are clean, cockroaches are dirty- so just flick that ant off the top of the dish and dig in; and other such comfortable theories. When we come back from time in Africa I do not send stool specimens into a lab. I figure that if I’m not actively sick I should live in peace with whatever protozoa have hitched a ride ( On the theory that if I clean them all out and leave a swept empty house, ten times worse might take up residence.)

But this week I hounded my pregnant daughter about taking the advantage of the H1N1 Vaccination clinics (and then played with our small grand-daughter who was a bit feverish post vaccination, and worried a tiny bit about potential side-effects.)  And  yesterday we bought hand sanitizer, put it in the car and used it.  Mysophobia, I guess.

Oh- about the blog.  If you want to know about the microbes lurking in your house, here’s the lowdown, or one of them.



  1. Janet said

    Reaction 1: YUCK!!

    Reaction 2: Hmm… having lived in these fecal bacteria infested environments for years without taking more than rather casual and straight forward precautions, I have survived!! Yay immune system ;).

    In other news, I gave the little grand daughter some tylenol before bed (despite the article I read saying this may dampen immune system response and reduce effectiveness of immunization), and when I checked her before bed and during the night she was just fine. Today she’s coldy but not horribly under the weather.

  2. Lila said

    Being pre-1958, I’m not overly concerned about H1N1, but because I work in a rough neighbourhood where people are not overly concerned about infections, the seasonal flu has me a little concerned.

    Speaking of overly clean, I’m reminded of my mother’s story about the sudden interest in sterilizing infant’s belongings–interest that happened shortly after WW2. One new mother was making frantic enquiries about sterilizing nipples with boiling water–bottles were the latest rage–but the frantic part was because she was breastfeeding.

  3. Lila said

    Reaction 2:

    Take it FWIW: Prevention Mag says don’t throw out those sponges; just get them thoroughly wet and microwave them for one minute. Kills dust mites, bacteria & mold. Better than lemon juice, bleach etc.

  4. adisasullivan said

    There you have it. Thinking of good advice. I was in a store yesterday, getting the Magpie a birthday gift, and contemplating the box of Remembrance Day Poppies. I commented to those around that CBC was running a post soliciting suggestions from people as to how to make the poppy remain in place. The lady behind me promptly responded. “Are you getting one now? Allow me. I used to be a teacher and we had the worst time getting these to stay on kids, we tried everything. She grabbed a poppy and pinned it firmly to my coat with the pin’s point protruding out in front. It’s still there.

    Which makes me wonder, having lost many in years previous, “Where do all the poppies go, long time passing… “

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