Aren’t people who agree with us delightful?

Ah- I’ve been indulging in peaking into the blogs of strangers again.

Now I regularly exercise a hobby horse called “Sabbath Keeping”, and yesterday I found this little bit of fine reinforcement.  So I’m encouraging you to push six days of the week and honor the seventh. (The Kiddilump Connection is encouraged to view an hour and half long stretch of highway driving as being within the limits of a Sabbath’s Day’s journey, however.)

Anyhow- this lady writes:

“Today I was on hold on the telephone, trying to reach a hospital-based doctor.  And I was subjected to multiple advertisements of the exemplary services of said hospital.  And although I was gratified to know that if I ever reach 550 pounds, there is a jumbo MRI that will hold me, and that their breast imaging is second to none, I was speechless at the concept that… drumroll please… I can have brain surgery today and return to work tomorrow. Is that a good thing? . . . .

C’mon people… can the world spin without us for a day, or even a week?  Can we rest just because God ordained (and commanded) it, and it feels good?  Can we see the benefit that comes from seeing that we are not essential to the sun rising and setting.  Really… do you want to be responsible for such things?”

and the post gets better.

Of course, I was also reminded of the saying: . . . “Canadians are just like Americans, minus the guns, but with health-care!”  It means we are not subjected to equally enticing ads when we call our local hospital. May it continue.


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