Tales from my Mother-in-Law: Sanctified Fumes

I have been blessed with a godly Mother-in-law.  She’s into the middle third of her eighties, still drives a hot little red car, faithfully attends Sunday Services (2) and the Wednesday night prayer meeting, and volunteers once a week at a Christian outpost in the vanity fair of West Edmonton Mall.  She also has a goodly fund of God stories.

Last Thursday, I asked her to refresh my memory on the details of a couple.

A few years ago, in 1949, she and her husband were Bible School students.  That summer, between semesters he was working on his mother’s ranch and they were staying with his sister, Mary, about a mile out of Barons, Alberta.  One week-end they went up to Calgary to attend a missionary convention.  As they drove into the parking lot for the evening service Dad glanced down and noticed that the car would need a fill-up before going home.

Well, they went into the meeting and were moved by the speaker, a missionary from Cape Verde.  When the offering plate was passed Dad leaned over to Mom and said, “Let’s not stop for coffee after the service tonight, let’s just go straight home.”  With that he proceeded to empty his wallet into the offering. He didn’t even keep a dime out.   It wasn’t until afterward, when he got out to the car, that he remembered the state of the gas tank.  Mom didn’t have any money with her.  What to do?  They decided the only thing to do was to try to drive home.

Sure enough, just about the time the lights of Claresholm appeared on the horizon, the car sputtered and they coasted  to a stop on the shoulder. Dad went out and made a perfunctory check under the hood, but he knew the problem. No gas.  They sat for awhile. It was a pretty cool August night and Mom started to shiver, then shiver some more.   Finally Dad leaned forward and tried the key. To their surprised relief the car started up and ran smoothly.  They drove the rest of the way home and went to bed.

The next morning Aunt Mary, went out and took the car to go to Barons for the mail.  She only made it as far as the gate before the vehicle quit.


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