More from my mother-in-law

My mother-in-law tells of the time she was attending a Bible Study at a friend’s home.  The couple were Christians, he was the organist at their church, but their marriage was falling apart- the home was filled with constant bickering and argument.  “I can’t understand it,” said the lady,” We can go to church, have a wonderful time in the car on the way home, laugh together and joke and minutes after we walk in the door at home we are at each other’s throats.”

Mom said, I could feel the spirit of conflict in the house.  They decided to pray through the house- livingroom, master bedroom, child’s bedroom. . . When they came to the steps to the basement Mom said, “What’s down here?”  “Oh, another woman rents the downstairs, but she’s different, I think she might be into the occult.”

Then said Mom, “We will bind the spirits and forbid them access to this upper level.” So they put a spiritual bar across the entrance.

The fighting and bickering stopped immediately.  And the couple moved to a different place not long afterward.


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