Freed At Last


Hit all your favorite news outlets for the details.  But yes, something to praise God for on this date.



  1. Lila said

    Such bitter-sweet news.

    A million-dollar ransom creates a tremendous incentive and enablement to do it again.

    Why was she there in the first place? Did she not know the risks she ran and did she fail to count the cost?

  2. adisasullivan said

    A national geographic journalist in the country at the same time, who went to the same camp Amanda was trying to go to said that she and her partner took all the right precautions except one to protect their safety.

    She’d done journalistic assignments in Afghanistan and Iraq previously so this wasn’t a totally naive Canadian girl loose in Somalia.

    600,000 ransom split between two. I’d do my best to raise it for Janet if it were she.

    • Lila said

      That’s a pretty big exception in Afghanistan and/or Iraq. Not knowing her personally, I’d guess that she is a pretty big risk-taker and willing to let other people pick up some of the cost. That sounds pretty harsh, and may be unfair but all the facts haven’t been presented to me. Who in fact paid the 1M+ ransom?

      Would Janet put you in the position of footing such a big cost for the sake of “journalism?”

  3. adisasullivan said

    I believe his family sold four houses, her father re-mortgaged his home, a millionaire put up a large chunk. I daresay, if she’d had a crystal ball she might not have “gone there.” Perhaps many young soldiers would not sign up for war either if they knew they were going to actually die.

    There are stories in this world that do need to be told or no one will ever pray, or be moved to help. And there are horrendous things that have happened because people were/are able to do things “in the dark.” I don’t know Amanda well enough to judge her motives.

    Money is, well, it’s money. Possibly a lot of what was donated by individuals might well otherwise have been spent at MacDonald’s or a theatre, or for more “unneeded things” by various ones that gave it.

    And we have yet to know what Amanda has learned through this, how it may affect the way her life course changes, We don’t know the family ties that have been strengthened, or the good that has been wrought in the hearts of those who gave sacrificially.

    The ripples from this thrown stone are just now spreading out.

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