He smuggled himself in

Perhaps it’s because I’m spending significant amounts of time studying  “Prayer Book Hebrew” these days, anything Jewish speaks to me the more so. And perhaps its because we don’t have many more years to learn from living people about the dark days of World War II, that the stories, long untold that are just coming out, are the more poignant.

Ifn you haven’t already read this one on BBC  Magazine you should.  The story of a young British Soldier who actually smuggled himself into Auswitch, and managed to help save a young man’s life with ten packs of British Player Cigarettes.  Rarely have “coffin nails” been used to such good effect.



  1. Janet said

    Wow that’s one brave guy!

  2. mark said

    Hi there, I just discovered your blog serendipitously. Great to get some inside information about Nkonya. I’m a field linguist working in Akpafu (on the Siwu language) and I have a great interest in the surrounding languages too.

    Do you know the short history of the Nkonya by Captain Lilley? If you ask old villagers I’m sure they will remember this guy, a British colonial official who did lots of good for this part of the Volta Region. Here’s the reference:

    Lilley, C. C. 1925. A short history of the Nkonya Division in the Ho District. Gold Coast Review 1(2). 108-126.

    I can send you a PDF of this article if you want.

    • adisasullivan said

      Glad you liked it- afraid the blog has been somewhat neglected of late.
      Would be interested in more on Captain Lilley. I’d love to have the PDF file.
      Yes, he left tracks in Nkonya.
      One of the more infamous stories that goes round is that he would give people lifts but would make them stand and carry their head loads during the trip.
      So what takes you to Siwu? I mean, are you gathering material for a thesis? Or?

      • mark said

        Thanks for replying! Please contact me by email so that I can send you the PDF. Stories about Lilley circulate in Akpafu too, particularly about the construction of the Hohoe-Jasikan road, a project he initiated.

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