The more it changes, the more it stays the same

We still have the local paper delivered.  But it must be admitted that, Christmas fliers aside, it seems to have shrunk to about the heft of a Ghanaian Newspaper- hardly enough pages to provide adequate fire starter on a cold winter day.  When we advertised a rental property awhile ago all the inquiries came through Kijiji.  As I canceled a second week of newspaper ads I commented to the lady at the other end of the line that the Internet seemed to be eating her lunch.  She said, “I know.”  At least Kijiji isn’t doing obituaries yet.  And, being as you have to pay a significant amount for them, newspaper ads don’t seem to generate as many scams falsely advertising someone else’s property as your own.

This morning I stumbled on a 1968 Smother’s Brothers sketch.  Apparently the advent of T.V. was about to doom newspapers then.


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