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Trailing Summer June 29th

Took my study books and a camera and went walk-about yesterday.  I sat at picnic tables and studied Hebrew and walked down the trails between with an eye to how the summer was unfolding.

Evergreens are still putting on a show of new growth

The dandelions are waning.  A few perfect globes are still there in protected woody areas but in the meadow the wind has spread the seeds far.

Grasses are in full green feather.

The single wild roses on bushes have become massed

The Saskatoon berries are setting nicely- looks like a good year for picking.

The yellow of the Caragana blossoms of last week has turned to bright green pods.

Flowers along this well walked path, saving the dandelions and wild roses, are few and retiring The lone patch of violets, and small woodland columbine I found need another camera sesssion to show well.  But there are blossoms for those who look.

And finally- no cold stuff, but drifts of summer snow all the same,


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On the trail on June 22

One of the joys of living in our small Canadian city are the public trails just a stroll away- complete with deer, and beavers, and coyotes should one be so favoured as to spot them.  Yesterday I just enjoyed the green.  Summer in Canada is incredibly rushed and flora and fauna seem always aware of  winter’s return.  This is what was on display yesterday.

Time to make time- the days are already getting shorter!

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When I was two, I was nearly new. . .

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Do they work?

So do the anti-smoking adds covering the top 50% of the package work?  One wonders.

Truth be told, I don’t usually squander much mental energy on the question. Possibly that’s because I rarely come face to face with a pack of cigarettes.

However last week I walked into my friendly neighbourhood Cash Shop/Western Union outlet and I noticed a new poster prominently displayed.

No lurid picture of a diseased lung or rotting teeth, just math facts disambiguated- albeit in purple print.

“The legal maximum amount you can charge on a pay-day loan is 23%.  We charge 23%.  That means that a 14 day loan of $300.00 costs $69.00 which works out to 599.64 per cent compounded annual interest.”

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Ain’t that the truth

Right God- I can’t do much about the current situation but you could wave a wand and put it all “right” as I deem “right” without straining a pinkie! So, where’s the hang up?

Are we prepared to take the awful patient ways of God,
We must not be infected by the world’s valuation
Of either speed or success.
.–.John B. Phillips

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