Trailing Summer June 29th

Took my study books and a camera and went walk-about yesterday.  I sat at picnic tables and studied Hebrew and walked down the trails between with an eye to how the summer was unfolding.

Evergreens are still putting on a show of new growth

The dandelions are waning.  A few perfect globes are still there in protected woody areas but in the meadow the wind has spread the seeds far.

Grasses are in full green feather.

The single wild roses on bushes have become massed

The Saskatoon berries are setting nicely- looks like a good year for picking.

The yellow of the Caragana blossoms of last week has turned to bright green pods.

Flowers along this well walked path, saving the dandelions and wild roses, are few and retiring The lone patch of violets, and small woodland columbine I found need another camera sesssion to show well.  But there are blossoms for those who look.

And finally- no cold stuff, but drifts of summer snow all the same,



  1. Beautiful pictures– It looks super peaceful. Where is this?

    • adisasullivan said

      The pictures are from Bower Woods, Red Deer, Alberta.
      So much beauty just a stone’s throw from a shopping mall.

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