More Summer Trails- July 7th

After a week when sunshine always seemed to be predicted for ‘the day after tomorrow,’ today was July in full swing and I went walk-about again.

When I first went out the dew glinted fresh on grass and tree alike.

And even the Foxtails, which I remember my father deploring as the most obnoxious and odious of weeds, were exquisite

The Wild Roses now show more has-beens than new blooms, and the caragana pods have a first strip of brown.

In the meadow the grasses now compete in height with the formerly dominant dandelions, and scattered here and there darker islands of vetch have become prominent.

And more flowers have come into bloom in the last week.

Mushrooms are appearing.

And the first reddening berries (again- don’t eat) plus caterpillar.

Get out- enjoy!


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  1. A. Lurkar said

    Umm, if I’m not allowed to eat the red berries, can I eat the caterpillar, and do I have to enjoy it?

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