Consider the Lilies

It wasn’t primarily an outing for spotting wild flowers . . . but

Went to a Memorial Service yesterday for the mother of a friend.  It seems like I missed knowing a lovely person.  And not for the first time, I found my own faith renewed by attending a farewell.  Christ has THE answer to death and nowhere is it so apparent than when one his own passes out into the light.

Coming back we abandoned the QE2 for the back roads.  And the Internet Magpie graciously put up with my pleas to stop here and there and snap my own version of “shinies.”  We don’t have the English passion for hedgerows out here but the as yet unmown road allowances have some delightful surprises- like a sea of yellow Buffalo Beans and patches of wild Geraniums.

This little beauty has long spikey leaves that should make it easy to identify if I ever get down to the library to check out a book on wild flowers of the area.


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