Rambling in Red Deer

If you are trying to take advantage of good summer weather in Red Deer, the Kerry Woods Nature Centre is a pleasant place for a Sunday afternoon ramble. The walking trail in this migratory bird sanctuary takes you through open meadow, past marshes, and up and down through the woods as it skirts the sanctuary lakes.

The Magpie and I did so today, reveling in that briefest of Canadian seasons- High Summer. Of course part of the point of this walk was to add to my photo memories.  The Magpie insisted I include a picture of stinkweed pods which are prettier than their scent, and he added his deft hand to capture a nice perspective of a mushroom world.

In one meadow Brown-eyed Susans bloomed as  some of the few truly showy flowers I’ve seen this summer,

And this demure common harebell- which then didn’t look quite so common when I looked at it against the sky.

And, finally, one small ladybird , who was ever so much more co-operative than the bee, blue butterfly, and irridescent blue dragonflies we saw.


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  1. Janet said

    Nice pics!!

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