Flowers at Coyote Creek

Classy Glass

Went out to the Chapel at Coyote Creek and spent the day washing walls and playing with kids who needed someone to play with and looking with eyes widened.  Didn’t take any pictures.  But in the late afternoon I walked across to the meadow area in front.  There the flowers grew in profusion- so different from hunting them one by one in the urbanized woods of Red Deer.  I took a bit of refuge from processing the day to just marvel at beauty.  I’ve just included a selection of the flowers.  My friend told me she had counted twenty-seven different flowering plants there.

Vista and meadow

Three-Toothed Cinquefoil

Strict Blue-eyed Grass

Varileaf Cinquefoil

Yellow Avens

Indian Paintbrush



Grass going to seed

So much we just can't see unaided


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