Dry Island Buffalo Jump

Saturday Morning as I concentrated on Hebrew, the Magpie said to me, “Don’t you think you should take a day off?”  So we packed a backpack with lunch, camera and bug spray and headed out to the Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park near Three Hills.

This is a day park made delightful by its don’ts as well as it’s dos.  No overnight camping, alcohol, bikes, horses, quads, snowmobiles, or all terrain vehicles. No rock picking, flower picking, or picking of Indian arrowheads or dinosaur bones.

Picnicking, hiking, photography, and canoe launching welcome.  Vistas and wildflowers abound. Homo sapiens are few- even on a glorious sunny long weekend in August. We had no canoe, but hiked and lunched with joy.  The magpie photographed the vistas, and I added wildflowers to my growing photo collection.

If you love the prairies, want to leave the city behind, and even feel like you’ve stepped back into history, this is a great place.


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