Sky of blue, eyes of blue

One thing I miss when I’m in Ghana is sky.  They just don’t seem to make as much of it there as they do on the Prairies.  So when we passed a field of flax yesterday I asked the Magpie to pull over. Sky carrying on down to the ground even.

Flax field on the way to Drumheller

The field wasn’t in full flower yet, buds predominated but it was already lovely with promise of more.

Eyes of Blue

More blue

Just one


Or – for your Trivia Bank.   Two main kinds of Flax are grown.- One is produced for it’s fiber- think ancient Egyptians, or the rich and famous in crisp linen suits. The other is raised for oil.  Canada is the number one world producer of oil flax, mostly in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

We use it to make linseed oil,  cattle feed, and Red River Cereal.  Health food enthusiasts, other than mothers pushing porridge,  are also starting to endorse it.

It seems that flax products should be used with a certain caution.  It may be cheaper and “greener” to seal your new deck with linseed oil but it takes a long time to dry and you need to be careful of where you put your used rags- not in a bucket in the sun anyway.

A little flax-seed in your cereal might add interest and Omega-3’s.  However this is a nature food to go slow on.   You could end up with intestinal blockage- or paradoxically the opposite -as one blogger experienced it a more thorough colonic cleanse that you bargained for.


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