Bony Giants in Alberta – Royal Tyrrell Museum

Entering the world of the past

The main focus of our trip into the Drumheller Badlands was to see the Royal Tyrrell Museum. My brother said he had never seen it and it doesn’t seem to be a place to miss.  It is indeed awe inspiring to stand and look up at those massive beasts of years past. With its many finds of dinosaur bones Alberta is a natural place for paeleontologists to gather and thrive and the museum is  impressive.

Fewer actual specimens on display than I remember from previous visits, but more attractively and imaginatively laid out. You can tour through in a couple of hours or spend a couple of days.

Black Beauty- a mighty Tyrannosuarus Rex

Skeletons, with painted diaoramas enfleshing the reptiles in artists representations is a nice balance.

Bones plus enfleshment

Surrounded by all that was dead, I was also drawn to what lived.  A real living, working Paleontologist behind glass,

At work

I was also interested in these being accorded a place.   Apparently our friends, the cockroaches, not only secured a pair of berths on the ark but generously left many many of their relatives behind in fossil beds.

The Biggest of them all

I confess my usual approach to cockroaches is a tin of Boric Acid powder in one hand, a can of Raid in the other.  After seeing these I was glad the ones of my acquaintance don’t grow any bigger.  The sign on the exhibit is wonderful for its judicious wording.

They do use the word "pest"

Somehow King Nebuchadnezzar’s presumption  does come to mind. The museum has somewhat of a “is not this a great Babylon that we have discovered” attitude.  Not so much as a nod to God and his creative genius. Perhaps that is why I can walk through and marvel but leave feeling an emptiness.

Man, well, Woman, and Mastodon


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