And the victim is: Cow Parsnip

Ah, is it or isn’t it Giant Hogweed?   Today I took different woodland trail here in Red Deer and found many, many Cow Parsnip plants beheaded and broken.  At least I suspect that they were Cow Parsnip because I couldn’t see any red, much less purple in their stems.  Of course it could be that someone had decided to  specialize in dry flower arrangements this fall, but somehow I doubt it.

I did find a plant on one walk  back in late July that I too wondered about:

Is that purple enough for Hogweed?

Certainly towered over my head

Flowers fitting the general description

However I wasn’t sure at all that it wasn’t just healthy Cow Parsnip. I let it be beautiful.  I have a feeling though, that whether it was Giant Hogweed, or just our own native Parsnip- someone has axed it by now.


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