Drumheller- Bleriot Ferry

Crossing the River

With a pretty view

A pleasant moment on our day trip last Thursday was a ride on The Bleriot Ferry. Definitely a land-lubber’s ideal. Established in 1913  this  is the last of thirteen ferries that once served  the Red Deer River.  It undoubtedly continues to survive because tourists to the area find it a charming extra incentive to take the Dinosaur Trail out of Drumheller.

A few years ago one such visitor accurately blogged,

” Bleriot Ferry is a cable-guided barge over the Red Deer River a few miles upstream from the town. The 1978 boat is registered “Bleriot : Port Of Edmonton” Its length is 1/3rd of the Red Deer River’s width at that point. Had they commissioned two more hulls, with a bit of welding, they’d have a bridge.”

Next to the crossing  there’s a  little campground nearby that might be worth setting up a tent in. Their site has attractive pictures of the camp, ferry and surrounding badlands.


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