Urban Trails – Red Deer- August 8th

Just a few days late with tracking what’s happening to the progression of summer here in Red Deer –  what with picking Saskatoons,  traipsing off to Drumheller,  putting some effort into Hebrew and keeping down the dust in the house and so forth.

Didn’t initially think a lot was happening when I headed out Sunday afternoon, but there’s always room for a few surprises.

One was that  Sow Thistles  had taken the stage in a big way- all of a sudden their lanky height was everywhere topped with bright yellow blossoms. Some Thistles were over my head.

Reaching for the big blue yonder

Some were making a cooperative effort to outgrow young Trembling Aspen Poplars.

If enough of us do this together!

Another was going for the floral arrangement effect against a pine.

Upper Class Urban

And what’s wrong with the beauty of this blossom?

Mouse click on me, and then again for the close-up effect

Even it’s seed head reminds one of a white kitten.

White kitten fur

There, you see.  Sow thistle is taking over.  The rest of August 8th will have to go into the next blog.


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