You Make a Difference

For the last couple of years, four mornings a week, I have dragged myself out of bed in the wee hours- think 4:30 a.m., fed the cat, downed some coffee, and headed out to a pool to swim. Having established the habit, it is one I go to some lengths to preserve.  Regretfully,  many mornings it still is a mind-over-mattress matter.  However for the last couple of weeks I have arrived to find the pool water distinctly chillier than normal. Contemplating a frigid plunge makes the coziness of a warm bed  ever so much more difficult to leave.

Apparently I’m not the only patron with this opinion.  This morning the life guard said that  regretfully, making comments were to of no avail unless one filled in a complaint form.  So I asked for one.  Blazoned across the top in a cheerful script were the words. “You make a difference.”  I filled it in.

Having cut my morning swim short because I was cold I had time left-over to make a grocery run.   This was the day when all  the various customer discontents I have had with this major chain  had  one more straw added.  They had apparently discontinued another product that I have been buying regularly.

You guessed it.  Being in the mode, so to speak, I went to the Customer Counter and asked for a complaint form.  In this store employees regularly tell you that they have no control over what happens- including what appears on or disappears from their shelves.  Decisions are made somewhere far away by echelons far removed.

When I was handed the form I laughed.  There in bald black print on a plain yellow letterhead it said, “Tell us what you think.”  There was no implied promise of change,  no polite assurance, no matter how insincere,  that my opinion counted.

Not that any of this is of paramount importance, you understand.  But all I want for Christmas (right now) is the pool warmed up one degree celsius, intact trays to cart home the yogurt in, and dark ordinary Ryvita back on the shelves.  And of course, it would be awesome to make a difference.

PS In the hours that have passed I had a call from the swimming pool, explaining what’s been going on with the heat.  The supervisor herself had found the pool cold this morning.  I am assured that it will be warmer tomorrow.

PPS  The water temperature this morning was just right.  The sauna was toastie too.


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