Time is awasting

I can remember when my father stopped playing Monopoly, and when he declared that the real problem of playing cards was that it wasted time.  Recently I’ve found myself saying, “If we’re going to finish translating the Old Testament into Nkonya before I’m walking with a cane. . . .”

Yes, Lynn says it well – From “For Better or for Worse”



  1. Lila said

    When I first speculated on time perception, I wondered if it was proportional to our previous life-span. So, a two-year-old would see a one-year span as “half my life” but a fifty-year-old would see the same span as “only 2% of my life.”

    I’m modifying my hypothesis now that I live with “retired” people who have nothing to do. Time runs on forever for those who have no pastimes–what a curious word “pastime” is

  2. Lila said

    And I didn’t even mention that I’m reading, “Geography of Time,” a social psychologist’s cross-cultural survey of time perception. It makes Edward T Hall’s work look like “preliminary findings.”

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