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Some Vivids

The Birds should be happy with these Mountain Ash berries

And this is? Some form of Kale, I'm thinking

Also found in neatly clipped hedges all over town


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Blow Bubbles

I spend quite a few hours at the pool each week doing aquasize to counter-act the effects of hours at the laptop keyboard.

If you aquasize you can exercise and keep your head above water.  This is key for me because I really dislike the burning sensation of water up my nose.

But every so often I toy with the thought of real honest-to-goodness swimming.

Today on my way in I plunked down five dollars for a pair of synchro-swimming nose plugs, guaranteed to keep the water out.

Which they do, though not pleasantly.  I figured that adjusting to the pressure and forced mouth breathing would be akin to adjusting to bifocals.  If one persevered it would become second nature.

And then I said something about it to the lifeguard and she said, “Blow bubbles”

“Blow bubbles?” I repeated, slightly increduously.

“Yes, that’s the first thing we teach all the little kids.”  If air is coming out, water can’t come in.”

It works.

So I wore the noseplug on my thumb and practiced the fine art of blowing bubbles when coming up for air.

And not for the first time in my life I remembered, “Except ye become as little children.”

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Going down to Egypt

“Going down to Egypt” is something the patriarch Abraham was prohibited from doing. He was to walk by faith in the land of his promised inheritance. Once, under threat of starvation, he ran to Egypt for deliverance and paid for it, almost losing his sister/wife to Pharaoh’s harem.   His son, Isaac, didn’t repeat going to Egypt, but he did take refuge with the Philistines when hunger loomed. He also encountered a king with an eye for a beautiful woman.  Jacob knew the family history. Now facing famine himself, he apparently thought twice about making a similar expedient choice. Despite his longing to see his son, and Joseph’s own compelling certainty that this was a divine provision,  Jacob stopped first at Beersheba to offer sacrifices to his God.

He received a response.

God spoke to Israel in visions of the night and said,

“Jacob, Jacob.” And he said, “Here I am.”

He said, “I am God, the God of your father; do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for I will make you a great nation there.

I will go down with you to Egypt, and I will also surely bring you up again. . .

Genesis 46:2-4 (NASB)

Going down to Egypt, as the result of an independent risk analysis is fraught with pitfalls.  It’s different when God orchestrates and  accompanies. You see, Egypt is the kind of place you would like to eventually come back out of.

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Just before the Rain

I’ve decided that the best time photograph fall colour is just before or just after a rain.  Yesterday started out clear, but by the time I had walked up Spruce Drive, rain was threatening.

I snapped a couple of pictures and decided to return home instead of going on to Rotary Park.

Back up Spruce Drive,

West on 32nd Ave

Through the Underpass at Kin Canyon

Over the bridge

Up out of Bower Woods, just as the first drops started to fall

And then walked on home in a gentle misting rain.

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A Gentler Palette

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September 27, Red Deer

I don’t know if you remember last year and the green leaves that never turned –  that  still clung limply to the trees long after Thanksgiving had come and gone.   Contrary to what I had long believed, it is not merely the shortening of the days that brings out yellow and red .  You also need a wet summer followed by warm  fall days and cool frosty nights.  No wonder that this year’s  moisture, a few nights with sharp frost, and this week of warm sunshine have seen our trees transform into a blaze.

Alas, my little digital camera that has so delighted me with close-ups, renders the glory mostly insipid.  I feel like a baker of burnt bread, scraping and trimming scorched crusts to find something edible to serve.

But here, just so this week does not go unrecorded, are a couple taken just before sunset.

And I couldn’t resist posting this non-connect.

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Mostly for Hannah

One morning in Fall- when the Harvest moon was full in the sky

Indian summer was at its best

And the colours were superb

Grandma, and Mommy, and Hannah, and Naomi went to the Calgary Zoo.  And they “did” the Zoo as the Zoo should be done:  With children, and a zoo pass, and a leisurely agenda to see and to savour and to go home when enough was sufficient.

They arrived at the Swift foxes’ enclosure just as a keeper was putting down food.

Mommy said, “If something is happening with the animals at the zoo you should stay and see, because often it is not.”

They stood and watched until  all the cached food was found.

So many delights.

Owls perched obligingly, a bear got up and moved.

They discovered a small amphitheatre.

Seats are for climbing.

Up and up.

Stairs are for coming down.

Grand-daughters are for photographing.

Pelicans are for swimming.

Sisters are for loving.

Ice-cream cones are to enjoy.

The day could not have been nicer.

And when they had done enough they went home.

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