Saga of the Banana Bread

Now, of course, good banana bread is best made with over-ripe bananas.  The closer they edge to toss and pitch time, the better.  I buy bags of half-price very ripe bananas for the purpose.  However the last two times I bought bags of half-priced bananas they were all eaten by the time I got around to baking.  (Ripe bananas being very good sliced onto peanut buttered bread.)

Last week, when Superstore had a new lot of the fruit in and was clearing out its old stock I bought plenty.

And I made a double batch of banana bread- some to eat and some to freeze.

The Magpie said, “Well, that’s good- you don’t have more than a dozen left!”  I said, “There’s nowhere near a dozen!”  Of course he started to count,  “Six, plus five, that’s eleven and these make twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, no seventeen.  You’re right, it’s not near a dozen.”  There was a whole bag of bananas I had over-looked.”

He volunteered to go out and buy more walnuts and eggs so I could make up two more batches of the bread.

Today as I finished batch one I realized I was running out of sugar and oil.  The Magpie volunteered to make a second grocery run for those too, even though he was on his way elsewhere.

It wasn’t until he was out the door and I was measuring dry ingredients that I realized that I didn’t have even a scant teaspoon of baking soda left- my back-up box of soda had all disappeared into the shampoo (Did you know that adding baking soda to your shampoo is a great way of countering acting the effects of swimming pool chlorine?).

Nothing for it but to brave the chilly wind and walk to the grocery store myself.

If you drop by I will have banana bread around for some time to serve you – and plenty of oil, sugar, and baking soda to make more.  Did I say that we’re getting down on flour, oh and on walnuts? Bananas too!


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