Red Deer – Sept 16

We have had so many dreary days – one following the other in a drizzle of rain under grey skies, that I was beginning to despair of catching any Fall colour on film.  When it looked like we might have a break in the clouds this afternoon I grabbed a camera and went out.  At that, it looked like the break would be short.

Autumn bird house

Sunflower before storm

Sure enough, I wasn’t more than a mere three blocks from home when the rain started again.  I stuffed the camera in my pocket and turned back. To my surprise, by the time I had retraced my steps, the rain had blown past, the sun shone, white clouds floated in blue sky.  Needless to say, I headed out again.

I went up to Taylor Drive.  Just across it there is a meadow that I love, the remnant of a farm that still dares to exist next to the city.  The developers have plans for it but for a short time more it is still ours to enjoy.  I took these pictures walking along it’s weathered fence.

Wild things grow

Rose leaves turn red in the Autumn

A last Golden Rod still blooms

And like Malcolm Muggeridge, you sometimes look around and see a cross


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  1. Janet said

    Lovely pictures!

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