I buy Canola oil- it seems patriotic.  CANadian Oil, Low in Acid.  Lower levels of erucic acid, and reduced levels of glucosinolates than it’s parent Rapeseed.  Genetically modified into respectability.  And here for years I thought that the name change was just a cosmetic move away from rape.  Well it’s been around for nigh on 35 years now and rivals wheat as our number one agricultural product.

I’ve spent most of those years outside of Canada so Canola in the fields still seems a novelty.  One takes pictures of novelties.



  1. Lila said

    But youǘe missed the most colourful of all–the canola in bright yellow flower. Now that´s almost blinding!

  2. adisasullivan said

    Didn’t miss it – exactly- everyone takes pictures of the yellow. And I took a few-though none I was really pleased with. What I didn’t do though was go and take close-ups of the flowers- I shall do so next year. It’s those wide, wide swathes, and the odd massiveness of the piles of bean pods, so different from cut wheat, that I found interesting. Oh, and Happy Birthday past.

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