Mostly for Hannah

One morning in Fall- when the Harvest moon was full in the sky

Indian summer was at its best

And the colours were superb

Grandma, and Mommy, and Hannah, and Naomi went to the Calgary Zoo.  And they “did” the Zoo as the Zoo should be done:  With children, and a zoo pass, and a leisurely agenda to see and to savour and to go home when enough was sufficient.

They arrived at the Swift foxes’ enclosure just as a keeper was putting down food.

Mommy said, “If something is happening with the animals at the zoo you should stay and see, because often it is not.”

They stood and watched until  all the cached food was found.

So many delights.

Owls perched obligingly, a bear got up and moved.

They discovered a small amphitheatre.

Seats are for climbing.

Up and up.

Stairs are for coming down.

Grand-daughters are for photographing.

Pelicans are for swimming.

Sisters are for loving.

Ice-cream cones are to enjoy.

The day could not have been nicer.

And when they had done enough they went home.



  1. Janet said

    Hannah loves the Grandma story! She wants to know where’s Grandma in it? 🙂

  2. adisasullivan said

    Well, there is a possibility of augmenting it slightly in that direction. There is an off-line version in the works.

  3. Lila said

    This is a story that every Grandma would cherish!!

    You are quite a storyteller!

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