September 27, Red Deer

I don’t know if you remember last year and the green leaves that never turned –  that  still clung limply to the trees long after Thanksgiving had come and gone.   Contrary to what I had long believed, it is not merely the shortening of the days that brings out yellow and red .  You also need a wet summer followed by warm  fall days and cool frosty nights.  No wonder that this year’s  moisture, a few nights with sharp frost, and this week of warm sunshine have seen our trees transform into a blaze.

Alas, my little digital camera that has so delighted me with close-ups, renders the glory mostly insipid.  I feel like a baker of burnt bread, scraping and trimming scorched crusts to find something edible to serve.

But here, just so this week does not go unrecorded, are a couple taken just before sunset.

And I couldn’t resist posting this non-connect.


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  1. Lila said

    Thanks for the wonderful pictures.

    We in Saskatoon have also been blessed by a colour display that I’ve seldom seen since I left Toronto.

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