Blow Bubbles

I spend quite a few hours at the pool each week doing aquasize to counter-act the effects of hours at the laptop keyboard.

If you aquasize you can exercise and keep your head above water.  This is key for me because I really dislike the burning sensation of water up my nose.

But every so often I toy with the thought of real honest-to-goodness swimming.

Today on my way in I plunked down five dollars for a pair of synchro-swimming nose plugs, guaranteed to keep the water out.

Which they do, though not pleasantly.  I figured that adjusting to the pressure and forced mouth breathing would be akin to adjusting to bifocals.  If one persevered it would become second nature.

And then I said something about it to the lifeguard and she said, “Blow bubbles”

“Blow bubbles?” I repeated, slightly increduously.

“Yes, that’s the first thing we teach all the little kids.”  If air is coming out, water can’t come in.”

It works.

So I wore the noseplug on my thumb and practiced the fine art of blowing bubbles when coming up for air.

And not for the first time in my life I remembered, “Except ye become as little children.”


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