The Creation Backdrop

I have just finished working through the first draft of Genesis Chapter One in the Nkonya language.  This was valuable – taking me back to grapple with the exactitude of an account often relegated to a Sunday School flannel graph story.

It is presumptuous to dismiss this as a child’s story or a simplistic myth. Here we have an immensely complex act of God, stripped to an understandable minimum, and used to introduce a point.  Accurate yes, but  this is a summary statement of technical matters.  It is designed to present the “givens.”

God sets out the chess board of creation before us. Then he extends an invitation to watch the battle of  good and evil that will be played out.  Further down the road he confronts us as to our individual part in that conflict.

When one day  we  finally understand the reality of what actually happened “in the beginning”, and pass beyond the uncertainties of partial discovery, of theories based on best guesses,  we will one day return  to  the Genesis account and marvel at the KISS economy of how it was recorded.


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