Do you say your prayers in Latin?

Less than a month from now the New Testament in the Nkonya Language will be dedicated.  Is this significant?

This clan head and elder, never had the opportunity to go to school.  He now reads his own language fluently and the realization that God speaks Nkonya changed his life.

Foster Ofori,  shared his uncle’s story with us. Foster said:

“Before I started working with the Nkonya Language Project I could not pray in Nkonya. What I knew was, that God understood Twi, or Ewe, or English. So I always prayed in one of those languages. But if I used them, I saw myself that it didn’t reach and wasn’t adequate. I had to force to pray little by little. And even if someone else prayed, I didn’t understand everything.”

“At this work place, where Nkonya was being written, I heard a white person praying in Nkonya and I realized, surprisingly, that God understands Nkonya.

So I began learning how to pray in Nkonya bit by bit. Since it was my own language it didn’t take long. Truly, if I am praying in Nkonya I can see that there is spirit in it in a way that wasn’t there when I used other languages. It came through my praying in Nkonya that my wife, my children and my ‘Junior Father’ – my father’s younger brother, all pray and make their requests to God in Nkonya today.”

“The greatest thing is what has happened to my Uncle. Originally he owned a shrine and worshipped its god. He was the last of my living Uncles, and we had no idea of how we could persuade him to become a Christian.”

“Then he heard me praying in Nkonya and that made the difference. He told me afterwards, that because he had never gone to school and didn’t know how to read, he thought that he could not become a Christian. But, when he heard me praying in Nkonya his reason for not being a Christian finished. He saw that he could pray to God in Nkonya and that God would respond. This realization moved him deeply because he had been troubled for some time by a dream he had dreamt.”

“In the dream, God and Satan were dividing up the dead. When they finished separating them into two groups, God’s people were given white robes and a separate place to stand. An angel stood before them holding a plate covered with a white napkin. He put his hand under the napkin and served communion to each of them and they were all happy. However, Satan’s angel stood in front of the ones who belonged to Satan, holding a raw chicken head. He cut small pinches off it and this was the only food that was given to them.”

“After the dream my uncle used to worry about what God would do to him after his death. But now he has seen that he can pray in Nkonya and God will respond and that it is possible for him to join the Christians if he dies.”

“Truly, I started to teach him bit by bit in Nkonya. Now he has been baptized and has taken the name John and he worships God.”


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