Tsúfɛ́ dwɛ́ Bulu lɛ́hɩɛ dwɛ́ anyánkpʋ́sa

Children’s Day programs at church, or Recitals presented by Primary Schools in Ghana often utilize a well loved formula.  It is certainly used throughout Nkonya.

Picture a row of children ranged across the front of the stage.  Each in turn announces his or her name and gives a short recitation in a clear voice that easily carries to the back of the room.  Similiar to, but very different from the bashful presentations that grace many Canadian Christmas programs where children are put on stage before adoring parents.

“My name is Adisa Sullivan. I come from Red Deer, Alberta.

My quotation is from John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only beloved Son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

The quotation is most often given in English, the language of school instruction. Sometimes it will be given in Ewe or Twi, also languages studied in School. Until recently, reciting it in their best understood language, Nkonya, was not an option.

I often think of a Presbyterian Catechist who said, “I have been a Catechist, and have read the Bible in Ewe for many years, but I didn’t understand the death of Christ until I read it in Nkonya.”

This is why I was so impressed when I attended a children’s service in  Nkonya-Asakyere and watched children recite and read in their own Nkonya language.

Yohane 3:16

Tsúfɛ́ dwɛ́ Bulu lɛ́hɩɛ dwɛ́ anyánkpʋ́sa.Mʋ́ sʋ ɔlɔpʋ mʋ Bi ɔkʋkʋ́nʋ́ ɔkʋlɛ pɛ́ ámʋ há, mɛ́nɩ ɔhagyíɔha ánɩ́ ɔlɔhɔ mʋ gyi omóowu, mboún obénya nkpa ánɩ́ ɩtamatá.



  1. Janet said

    That’s really cool 🙂

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